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Strong as fuck

As a submissive i am strong as fuck, don’t ever forget it.

Do i enjoy rough play? Absolutely.

Do i enjoy deferring to my Dominant? You bet!

Does giving up control turn me on? More than you know.

Does rough play and pain arouse me? More than i would have thought possible.

Am i weak? No.

Am i less? Hell no.

Am i more breakable than any other woman on the planet? Not a chance.

i am as breakable as any other person on the planet, submissive or not. i am as needy. i have just as many insecurities, flaws, desires, fears, etc.

As a submissive in a consensual D/s relationship, i am strong as fuck. 

It’s my choice to be on my knees.

It’s my choice to bend, to bow, to submit, to kneel, to obey. mine. my choice is what keeps me there. my resolve. my willpower.

You may be spanking me, flogging me, tormenting, teasing or punishing me. But my safewords are mine. my consent is mine, i’m the one who decides to use them or withdraw my consent. 

Just to be clear. i’m a submissive and i’m strong as fuck.


Stronger and Faster 07/05/2019

Back to work today but there were fun things about it. Like one of my colleagues who supports a team in the same division as the one Master and I support, so we keep an eye on the results of each other's teams.

When he arrived at the office he walked straight over to desk to give me a high five about Saturday's result and "Yes! Get in!" He guessed I must have been going crazy during the game. His team are in the playoffs, so we'll be cheering for them.

It was the first day back at work today and I got quietly over-excited in my head about this being the first time for more than a week I'd be allowed to kiss Alouette "properly" when she gets home from work. I think I spent most of my train journey home not reading but looking out of the window and thinking about kissing.

Denial is like being newly in love or a swoony teenager sometimes. 😍

So when she came home I was all run-run-run-POUNCE! and pinned her up against the door to kiss her silly. It was the best.

I had my boxing lesson tonight. We went over Friday's fight and ran through tactics. My coach was joking about how if I follow his instructions I can finish early and take the last round off.

We finished up with some hard circuit training.

Things that are lovely: Master and coach talking when he came to walk me home and them both being proud of me and making me feel very proud of myself.

And a thing that is lovely and happens all the time and I should mention more often. When Master meets up with me he can't help himself. When he catches sight of me or Alouette, he always gets this smile. Like a happy little boy he just lights up. It's been the same since we first met and it's never changed.

I like to try to see him first so I can see that smile happen. We love to see him get happy. He's beautiful when he's happy. 💕

I've exercised 1 of 4 times this week.

Stronger and faster for Alouette and Master. 💕

Spring Daydreaming

It's a beautiful spring day, even if the sun is playing peekaboo.  

I'm working in the yard, paving the way for happier flowers. Setting out new plants, sowing seed, and fertilizing the older plantings.  And every time I go into the shed for another tool, I see the bundle of switches he cut for me.

Ah, spring...


How To Start A Monday

A quietly lovely thing. I have to get up for work much earlier than Master and Alouette. I use the silent alarm on my Fitbit to wake me up and I always try to ninja my way out of bed without waking them up.

Before I leave, I always look in on them. This morning, Master was awake and I was running early so I gave in to temptation and instead of giving him a goodbye kiss I gave him a goodbye blow job. It felt extra sexy being all dressed up smart for work and then just leaning over and looking him in the eye and doing that for him.

And then I skipped off to work with the taste of him and a spring in my step. That's a better Monday morning than usual.

Kind of tired though. I was snoozing on the train on the way home and dreamed I was wearing high heels that were buckled on. And I wanted to take them off but I got an electric shock every time I touched the buckle.

We're a couple of days into denial before my boxing match and I want to touch but I'm resisting asking because I don't think I'm strong enough to hear Master say "no".

I'm going to the gym to work out and work it off. I know I can be that kind of strong.

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